Holiday homes and holiday apartments on Bornholm

The sunshine town of Svaneke has been voted Denmark's most beautiful market town.

Svaneke on Bornholm, the sunshine lake in the middle of the Baltic Sea, offers - amazingly beautiful and magnificent incredible nature experiences - high sky - and lots of fresh air ...!

The island of Bornholm is the center of the Baltic Sea, naturally created with large cliffs, arable land, large forests, lakes and beautiful beaches. Nature is magnificent and rich in experiences, the light constantly offers new colors and experiences.

The air is fresh and clean, acts as pure natural medicine for the island's guests and residents. The port of Svaneke lies with an outlet to the Baltic Sea. Svaneke is the easternmost and smallest market town in Denmark, with idyllic beautifully preserved listed halftimbered houses with locations from 2 - 26 meters above sea level.

In Svaneke and throughout Bornholm, Svanekeferie offers private well-furnished holiday homes, holiday apartments and holiday homes.

Through the Øresund Bridge, Bornholm can be reached from Copenhagen in just over 3 hours by using the ferry from Ystad in southern Sweden to Rønne.

It is also possible to get to Bornholm by air route from Copenhagen Airport to Rønne in about 35 minutes by Bornholmerflyet.

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